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Frequently asked Questions


Who can participate in the fishing trip?

Beginners can take part in the fishing trip, but experienced fishermen can also benefit from the local knowledge and expertise of the guides. All program services can always be customized according to the customer's wishes. You don't need previous fishing experience, we teach.

How long does the fishing trip last?

All fishing trips are always planned according to the customer's needs. Each excursion is an individual entity. The length of the trips can vary from a three-hour gig to a fishing trip of several days. For longer trips, the price includes picnic lunch and soot pot coffee, which we enjoy in the middle of the fishing trip on the island.

Fishing forms?

Fishing methods are agreed with the customer in advance according to the best fishing season. See package examples here:

  • Jig fishing

  • Trolling

  • Cast fishing

How many people can participate in the fishing trip?

You can participate in the fishing trip alone or in a large group. For example, a fishing trip of 25 people is carried out with several boats and a fishing guide.

What kind of equipment are used for fishing trips?

Three high-quality motorboats and two accessible fishing rafts serve as fishing vessels. Their modern engines are low-emission but efficient. Transitions on excursions are therefore fast, but safe and with as little carbon footprint as possible.

Modern technology helps guarantee a successful fishing day. With electronic aids, you can monitor underwater life, even if you are not interested in fishing itself. Rods and reels are of high quality and always the most functional ensembles for the particular type of fishing. The lures are always updated according to the latest trends.

How do I prepare for the trip? Do I need a fishing license?

The most important thing is WARM ENOUGH CLOTHING according to the weather. Water is always cooler than land. Jeans are rarely the best outdoor clothing. In addition to warm clothing, you need a valid fishery management fee, which you can get online ( or at R-kiosk.  We can also obtain fishing permits for an additional fee of €10. 


What fish do we get?

Suomen Kalastusopaskilta ry recommends the following fisher-specific catch quotas and upper limits for guided fishing trips:

Pike: Maximum 1 pc. Those over 80 cm long are exempt.
Perch: Maximum 5 pcs. Those over 35 cm long are exempt.
Walleye: Maximum 2 pcs. Those over 60 cm long are exempt.
Trout: Maximum 1 pc.

When taking the catch, in addition to the recommendation, of course, the minimum dimensions and relaxation periods in force in the fishing area as well as the condition of the catch are taken into account, so that, for example, in trout fishing, the so-called winter fish and non-fat-finned fish are always released, and on the other hand, fish that are damaged during the catch are tried to be caught.


How is safety considered on fishing trips?

All fishing vessels are equipped to comply with the strictest safety requirements. In addition, each participant will be given a life jacket or, in case of cold weather, for an additional fee, quilted jacket. The guides know how to navigate safely even in more challenging conditions. So you can get on board and enjoy the ride with no worries.

What is enough time for the trip?

4-5 hours is a good amount of time, but us guides usually enjoy longer..

What is the biggest fish caught on the hole?

I'll tell that fish story in the lake...

Is there a fish guarantee on trips?

We operate under the conditions of nature, so the guide cannot know in advance whether the fish will eat. We promise to find the fish, but the final decision is made by the underwater jury. We do everything we can to ensure that every participant would catch a fish and since we spend a lot of time on the water, the probability of a catch is good. 

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